Avaya Business Phone System Scottsdale

When you need a business phone system that can grow with your needs, Avaya is the only choice. At Scottsdale Business Phone Systems our technicians provide responsive and reliable support for all of their clients’ platforms – from small businesses up through large enterprises who want an infinitely scalable phone system platform built right into their own IT infrastructure!

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Taking quality calls to the next level.

The Avaya Phone System is compatible with a plethora of PDAs, cell phones connect to the PBX giving you unparalleled mobility. When sales are on their road they can use it as if its desk phone and keep schedules updated from laptops or PDA via Find Me feature that will call them no matter where in world he/she may be located

When you connect using Avaya, there is only one cable necessary. Before two lines were needed because of the phone line and T1 Line; however with their new system it’s now easy as pie!